Are you planning a trip to Bergen soon? Known as the gateway city to Norway’s beautiful fjords, it is a must-visit for any traveller’s bucket list.

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Must-Dos in Bergen

We have compiled a list of the top 5 things to see and do in Bergen:

1.    Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf

Take a stroll through this UNESCO World Heritage Site and explore the colorful tourist attraction of the Hanseatic Wharf. It is littered with restaurants, studios, workshops, and boutique stores that make for a fun excursion. Guided tours are available from June to September.

2.  The Mount Ulriken Cable Car

Norway has over 300 mountain peaks. One of the most popular is Mount Ulriken, in Bergen. If hiking is not your thing, take a 7-minute cable car ride to the summit of Mount Ulriken. Enjoy gorgeous views along the way and have a bite to eat at the summit restaurant. For the more adventurous tourist, you can take a zipline back down to the base.

3.  VilVite Bergen Science Center

The science centre in Bergen guarantees fun for the whole family with its interactive exhibits. Learn more about science while standing inside a bubble. Or pretend you are a weather reporter forecasting the weather on-screen. You can experience life as an oil tanker navigator with the virtual reality offshore drilling experience. Explore the world of physics, energy, and the weather, or enjoy a 3D film experience.

4.  Market Square

Market Square is the fishing hub of Bergen. It is located at the end of the city’s harbor and is a place where local anglers land their catches for the day. It is also home to the 700-year-old fish market Torget. Visit the market early in the morning to watch the anglers bring in their hauls and stack them for customers to purchase.

5.  The Bergen Aquarium

The 50-year-old aquarium has so much to offer for the whole family to enjoy. There are over 50 tanks and aquariums that are home to many sea animals and plants. Marvel at the beautiful array of fish, penguins, sea lions, and even crocodiles at the Bergen Aquarium. There are live demonstrations and daily shows that everyone, young or old can enjoy.


The activities listed above are just a few examples of things that Bergen offers. If you would like to explore the city more, read travel blogs for their must-see’s and ask your local travel agent for more information on the best things to do and see in Bergen.