What is Front Office doing? First, regarding Check-in and reservation. There are some things that need to be done by the staff, namely great the guest or greeting guests. One example is a typical greeting and which is definitely first heard when at the Samui Hotel “Good morning, welcome to the Samui Hotel” for example. Because a good greeting is giving greetings with greeting standards at Hotel Samui. After that, the front office will take the initiative to offer-assistance and upselling by interacting with guests to promote products and events in the hotel.

Then proceed with the guest register. The things that need to be done are asking for proof of guest identity for data validation. The identity requested is usually to show an identity card or passport. The proof of identity will later be photocopied and stored as collateral. For now, registration can also be done by simply filling in the registration card accompanied by a guest’s signature. In the past, the front office also established the payment method, namely payment by credit card which was then printed using a tool. As Novotel Samui front office does, they provide several payment alternatives. Frequently used are cash payments, which are payments using the currency exchange tool. Other payments are through credit cards, checks, or with travel agent vouchers.

When all procedures have been completed, the next activity is to assign a room, which means giving a room to the guest according to the agreement by handing over the room key. Finally, what the front office staff needs to do is the guest room, which directs guests to their rooms. Help guests by clearly telling the location of the room and invite guests immediately.

Although it looks easy, actually there are some things that often occur at check-in time experienced by the front office, or often called the special situation during check-in. Among them is a busy situation, where there are many people who check-in simultaneously at the same time. Sometimes a situation like this also makes you nervous. This makes the front office staff busy and must really pay attention to time.

As much as possible they must quickly serve guests while still providing the best service and be calm so as not to make mistakes during the guest registration process. The next problem is a missing reservation, which is where the guest has made a reservation but when they want to see the data on the monitor, it has not been listed yet.

To be sure, the front office at the Samui Hotel must check the spelling of the guest’s name, ask for the number that can be confirmed, and check the booking date. So, the thing to do if the data is really not found is to notify the problem to the guest and give back to the guest when an empty room already exists. Credits problem is also a problem that might occur during check-in, where guests have problems with their credit cards when they want to make payments.

The next problem is the non-guaranteed reservation, for example, if there are guests who come to the hotel at more than six hours will not get a room. Therefore, the front office must be able to explain the policies owned by the Samui Hotel and then offer-assistance to him. Then, if the rooms at the hotel are full, the staff at the front office must be alert in giving advice to guests to stay at another Novotel hotel.

Not only the service in the room, but all activities carried out by guests.

It is necessary to do teamwork or cooperation between employees to provide guest services or services to guests properly. Good service to the guests in question is like giving information or providing all the information that guests need, handling correspondence or handling, operating the telephone system and providing other services.

After discussing check-in, there is definitely a check-out process also at the hotel. Not just pay straight away. Front office staff also need to give a guest about or ask a few questions before leaving. These questions include the impression during a hotel stay. The Front Office section must also be able to respond to any comments from guests (respond to any comments). Then also ask about post charges, like asking today to buy anything at the hotel

Don’t forget to ask the guest to show the bill (show the folio). After that, when guests have paid do not forget to ask for the room key that has been used and ask to be asked to wait. The final step is to ask the guest to come back or ask the guest to come back or stay at the hotel another time.