Travel agencies are agents that ensure your travel arrangements are in place. The functions of travel agencies are diverse and essential, hence they are needed by travellers of different kinds, according to

The best travel agencies offer services every traveller can afford. They are indiscriminate and work exactly to efficiency. If you are wondering if you are the type of traveller for a travel agency, then you should consider finding yourself below.

1.      Business Travelers:

Whether you are on a trip or official duty, travel agencies can help you work your travel arrangements. They provide the ideal information you need before you step into the waters of a foreign land. They know what having a business budget means and can handle all your reservations. Indeed, travel agencies can help you prepare for your meetings and conferences.

2.      Holidaymakers:

You know them when you see them; these are travellers who are your everyday travellers. They are on vacation to get away from the busy aspects of urban life. But they are not there alone; with them are travel agencies. Travel agencies help with bookings for holidaymakers and prepare their tour costs.

3.      Backpackers:

The adventurous kind of travellers cannot and should not do without travel agencies. This kind of people is most in need of insurance due to the risks involved in their tourist activities. Planning insurance policies for tourists is what travel agencies do best. It doesn’t matter if you are a trekker, mountaineer, hiker, canoeist, scuba driver, travel agencies can help you cover the risks of infections and exposure to risks.

4.      Long-term Travelers:

Similar to holidaymakers but very different. While holidaymakers stay on trips for some time, enjoy the moment and leave, this kind of traveller stays for longer periods. They go to the most remote places and explore as many tourist centres as possible. Due to the nature of this traveling, much planning and arrangement are required which therefore means travel agencies are essential to their tours and movements.

5.      Travelers with Special Needs:

Travelers who may require special needs and attention include kids, the elderly, pregnant women, and the disabled. To further meet these needs, the services of travel agencies should be employed. Travel agencies offer passenger assistance aside from consulting and leisure services. They assist in managing your travels especially your transportation, hotel, and car rentals. In a nutshell, they maximize your travel experiences at minimal costs.

6.      Expedition Travelers:

Expedition traveling means going on a trip with special purposes. They are often found in the most local areas exploring different needs for an organization. Often, they are funded for their trips. While you can say this kind of traveller is like adventure travellers, they however tend to focus on meeting special needs. These travellers also would need the services of travel agencies for proper travel management.


Travel agencies are not just agencies involved in planning travels, making bookings, and other sorts of traditional services. They go as far as offering consulting services and insurance policies.