Many people enjoy taking their vacation during the summer. The heat could make it very uncomfortable to work. Furthermore, the long break of most schools also falls in August, which is during the summer. This makes the summer the perfect time for a family vacation as you could easily travel with all your family members without bothering about your kids missing school.

You would want such a vacation to be worth it and probably you will want to enjoy some adventure irrespective of if you are traveling alone or with other members of your family. You can easily read the best adventure travel companies’ reviews on to know the best travel company that have the best adventure packages for individuals and groups.

Some of the best locations you can travel to during the summer are discussed subsequently.


Spain is a country that crosses many people’s minds whenever they think about a vacation during the summer for obvious reasons. The favorable climate attracts tourists from the USA and all over Europe during the summer. The islands filled with modernist cities and paradises as well as beautiful beaches are a delight to every traveler. Some areas you might want to visit in Spain during the summer include Barcelona, Canary Islands, and Mallorca. You should make sure to indulge yourself in the summer activities of the country including tapas, beer, wine, party, and music.


Another favorite country for travelers is Italy. Located in Southern Europe, many people across the world find their way to the country during the summer. You get to enjoy the historical and cultural wealth as well as the summer sun of the country. A city you should consider visiting is Venice.


Another country where you should consider enjoying your next summer is Portugal. The magical country has several coasts that feature lovely caves, cliffs, and beaches. You should consider visiting the Algarve in the country as there are many things to see in this area.


Since many people enjoy seeing the beach in the summer, Malta promises to provide visitors a great treat with this feature. The beautiful picturesque island of Malta has a unique culture. Its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea implies that there are many beaches that you can visit with members of your family. The turquoise color of the sea during the summer will surely wow you.


Another country that provides nice beaches and great adventures is Montenegro. Even though they just attained their independence in 2006, they have always been a lovely jewel that tourists love to visit.


There are many famous islands in Greece that fun lovers can visit during the summer. The rich Athens history of the country as well as several paradises including Mykonos and Santorini makes the country one that you should consider visiting.


If you love Game of Thrones, then you might have already penciled down Croatia as one of the countries you would want to visit at least once in a lifetime. The coast and beaches of the country as well as the rich history of its cities would provide you with great delights that you will remember long after your summer vacation.


The Caribbeans is a location that everybody should visit at least once in a lifetime. The coasts, sea, sand, sun, beaches, and islands of the Caribbean promises to take your breath away and leave you with an unforgettable experience. You are sure to find a lot of other tourists in these areas any time of the year you visit and more so during the summer.