Vietnam is a reputable shopping destination in the world with some of the most unique antique products. Whatever activity you have in your itinerary when applying for the Vietnam eVisa, spare some time to shop for souvenirs for your memories and to gift your loved ones. The country is full of several flea markets, craft centers, and art galleries for any product you fancy.

Here are some of the top things not to miss when you shop in Vietnam.

1. Vietnamese Coffee 

Vietnam is the leading Robusta coffee producer in the world, for a reason. The coffee comes with a unique tangerine taste to power your day. The high-quality coffee is available almost everywhere in the city, with the significant outlet being the Trung Nguyen.

2. Silk and silk products 

If you are looking for high-end clothing pieces, Vietnamese silk products are an excellent option. Even though silk is available in other countries, the silk products from Vietnam are made using convention handlooms. This retains the quality and authenticity feel. The silk products are available in most places around the country, with significant stocks available at Van Phuc silk village.

3. Conical hats 

Almost like the uniform for the farmers, conical hats are the top clothing pieces for protecting against the sun and the rain. They also come with an aesthetic and classic look. Purchase them as a memento or for use during your gardening.

4. Vietnamese Paintings 

Vietnamese paintings are ideal for those looking to create a touch of the beauty and unique feel to their home. Most of the arts are made from high-quality materials like silk, oil, and sand for a depiction of the rich Vietnamese culture. Several stores sell these paintings with pricing varying based on the quality and size.

5. Ao Dai 

Ao Dai is the Vietnam’s official wear among women. It comes with a well-fitted dress matched with equally elegant pants for a stylish look for women of any age. The clothing is widely available in most stores and comes in different designs and materials. Feel free to find a tailor for custom designs.

6. Musical Instruments 

With a wide array of cultural artifacts like pottery and other bamboo products, the Vietnamese ancient musical instruments make for a superb souvenir.  The uniquely hand-made musical instruments come with sweet sounds and are easy to operate. Be keen when shopping not to fall for the knock offs.

7. Lanterns 

Imagine decorating your house with a masterpiece that promises health, good luck, and happiness. That is what Vietnamese lanterns are all about. Unlike the conventional lights, the ones from Vietnam are made of high-quality materials like silk and comes in distinct designs. The unique lighting colors make it a great addition to your home.


With the right souvenirs, you will have the memories of Vietnam forever. Use this list for a guide of some of the perfect gifts to buy. Importantly, polish your haggling skills. Most traders in Vietnam are open to bargaining. In some cases, you might end up purchasing the product at half the marked price.