Holiday is almost here and it’s that time of the year when families have enough time to spend together catching fun, going for picnics and enjoying other exciting activities. Most times it’s more exciting when you move out of your vicinity to places like the UK, a country filled with various resorts, tourists and relaxation centers. When you consider the fact that online travel companies have also created an easy avenue for traveling without much stress, then, traveling with your family even becomes more desirable.

However, in as much as spending time with family is great, safety is also of paramount importance, and the time we have found ourselves requires drastic measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of countries including the UK have been affected by the virus – in fact, the UK just got into a second phase of lockdown.

According to Vacasa reviews there are various vacation homes made available for families to observe the safety measures required in the UK which is to self-isolate for 14 days after arrival from another country. This has been made compulsory because the symptoms of the coronavirus can only be seen after that period. However, there is still the need to exercise a lot of caution when traveling to the UK at this time. There is no doubt whatsoever that, in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, staying indoors and observing safety rules has become an obligation for everyone. This is most likely the fastest way to achieve success in the fight against the virus and its deadly effects.

Kids are tender and require utmost care and attention, and as such, they are to be handled with caution and care, while also preventing them from coming in contact with anything that might have a negative impact on their health. However, it is a fact that controlling kids with total supervision could be tedious and not completely enjoyable so shielding kids from going against the coronavirus safety rules could be quite challenging. Family outing should be a fun affair with total freedom, and filled with lots of tourist activities, sports and other special exciting and pleasurable options. But with so much caution required in this period, this may be hard to achieve, which is why this might not be the best time to travel to the UK as a family.

What to Expect When Traveling to the UK Now

With the constant tension created by the presence of the coronavirus, the UK government has made it mandatory for travelers to provide details of their journey, their contact details and address to the area for self-isolation before arriving in UK, if they are coming from places outside the Common Travel Area.

On arrival, you might be asked to present your public health passenger locator form, which can be completed 48 hours before your arrival. Without this form, you may be denied entry if you’re not a citizen or you pay a fine if you do not observe self-isolation when you’re expected to do so, among other rules.

Bottom Line

There’s no better joy compared to being with family and enjoying the excitements that comes from togetherness. But safety is required to ensure that you get to enjoy more days together, and with the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, this might not be the best time to travel to the UK, especially for a family vacation.