Many people are not familiar with coconut coir Cocomesh. Even though this is a multifunctional coconut coir processing. Cocomesh is a coconut coir net that is very good in helping the process of reclamation of mines, beaches, or forests. You can get the best coconut coir at coconut product supplier from Indonesia.

Coconut coir has the properties of coir material which is able to store water for a long time causing the soil surface to overgrow with this material to retain moisture. This coconut coir net does not cause harmful residues and is environmentally friendly.

Below are some examples of implementing Cocomesh in several places.

Sloping Land Retainer

Erosion can occur due to the erosion of the soil surface by the movement of water or migratory storms that flow at speeds of up to 250 tons per hectare from the ground. This excessive flow of rainwater causes damage to drains and gutters. Usually, this problem can be prevented by the peat or grass on top but in other conditions, the planted seeds are washed away due to limited time for roots to grow deeper.

In this case, coir net or Cocomesh from coconut product indonesia can play an effective role. When the grass seed is sown on the net, it will immediately provide protection to the soil. With the passage of time, the roots will take on a role in providing permanent vegetation. The coir nets will hold the seeds and grip the soil, so it can effectively resist erosion in the rainy season.

Road Paving in Korea

In some countries of the world, especially Korea, Cocomesh or coir net blankets are used as a means of paving the way. There are several differences in the specifications of this type of Cocomesh, including the diameter of the net being larger than the design in general. Then the density of the woven net is denser so that it will be strong to support the load that passes over it.

This product is made from coconut coir waste which means it is very safe for the environment because it is biodegradable or can be decomposed but has a strong texture and can last about 4-5 years. The shape of this coir-net woven adds an aesthetic look when applied to a garden.

Mine Reclamation

The use of Cocomesh has begun to be very familiar among mining reclaimers. Because it is proven to be very effective in resisting the erosion of ex-mines. Also, able to reforest the ex-mining area combined with the growth of cover crops, or land cover grains.

The nature of the coconut fiber which is able to store water and maintain soil moisture is very useful for sowing plant seeds so that a vegetation environment will be formed on it. The material for making Cocomesh is strong and can last up to 4-5 years. This is very beneficial for the seeds sown on it to grow without losing grip on the ground.

The presence of Cocomesh or coir net reduces the impact of soil erosion due to heavy rain and wind flows. After 3-4 years, this Cocomesh will begin to degrade the soil by itself and will become humus for the vegetation that is sown on the Cocomesh above it.