Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and is a hub of culture and good times. Travelling there on business is daunting as a lot hinges on the outcome. With all that on your mind, how do you know how to enjoy yourself in your spare time?

Well, you can get your accommodation sorted for starters. has outstanding serviced apartments in Melbourne, ideal for short and extended stays. Find out more so you can save and enjoy your business trip even more.

To enjoy your business trip in Melbourne, you should ensure that you complete the following activities:

Catch a Game of Sport

With the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, Etihad Stadium and the MCG Sporting Grounds, you’ll be able to catch all kinds of sports from football to cricket and be a part of the enthusiastic crowd. A great day out, you could even invite your client to watch a game and iron out a deal over the cheers.

See a Theatre Production

The city boasts many theatres from the grand to the artsy. Highlights include the Regent Theatre, Princess Theatre and Forum Theatre. The perfect play can be the perfect treat, and certainly will relax you in the evening after a long day of meetings. Be sure to check out what’s on before you go.

Explore the Shopping Centres

Chad progress

From vintages goods to sales and so much more, you’re bound to have an excellent time wandering around the many shopping centers scattered throughout the city. Some of the best stops include Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne Emporium, Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne Central among many others. There’s so much choice that you’ll be sure to find something worth treasuring.

Get Involved in Events

Like any major city, Melbourne has a whole array of events taking place throughout the year. From the arts, music and national celebrations, there’s plenty for you to get involved in that will make your business trip even more special. Going to events can relax you, open your mind and provide an experience like no other. Whether you’re enjoying an event in Federation square or celebrating a national holiday, you won’t regret spending your time so wholesomely.

Immerse Yourself in Culture

Melbourne is rich in culture and history. The diverse museums and galleries ably show off the past, both locally and nationally, with art galleries displaying the glorious constructions. Whether you are visiting the Melbourne Museum, the Immigration Museum or National Gallery of Victoria, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the city and truly impress your clients with your knowledge.

Find the Right Accommodation

Accommodation is important throughout your trip. It has to be homely and have an essence of comfort so you can walk in after a long day with a smile on your face. Serviced apartments are the best option due to the many amenities they offer their guests.